Thursday, May 28, 2015

Final Project Blog Post - PART II The Do-Over

My Do-Over
This was my one project that I regret making. This piece was a mash-up of ideas that did not work well together and made for a confusing and messy piece. I believe that I had a meaningful idea; that the man on the mountain had discovered himself. To change this piece, I would change the medium. The paint and magazine clippings do not go well together. I would want more detail in the background and I believe I could have achieved this by using another medium suck as oil pastel or Prisma colors. I still own up to this piece, but it could have definitely been done much better.

Final Project Blog Post - PART I

I Take Risks
For this project, I tried something that I had not only never done, but I have never seen. Using the wood burning tool was something that was unheard of and I thought it would make a cool piece. The burning color allowed me to shade the shadows of the subject to create reverse highlights. Although it cannot be seen in this photo, the burning tool also allowed me to add a unique texture and intriguing color difference throughout the shading. I believe that the was an extremely risky piece because there was no 'painting over' something I didn't like and although my teacher was able to give feedback, he mainly had to watch as I made art history!

I Create Original Art
For this piece, I took inspiration from a piece at the NC Art Museum. This was part of my artists inspired project and was very different for me as I had never tried abstract art. This piece showed my unique techniques because I decide to use only vertical brush strokes. My color scheme was mellow but also somewhat resembled the inspirational piece, just more solemn. I believe that it gives the viewer a confused, uneasy feeling which was the intention by the piece. All of my art before this piece was either realistic or I tried to make it beautiful. This piece was something that I had not tried in any art class prior to this one and made for a fun experience.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Teens Inspired - Untitled Title

This is my most recent project. I completed this project after a trip to the NC Art Museum. I was inspired by a piece there that was extremely abstract but evoked strong emotion. This piece had some pattern to it with similar paint strokes all around, but did not resemble anything. This being said, the colors and the way it was arranged made the piece interesting and intriguing. It was by far my favorite piece in the museum.

Tree Burn

This is my second burning project. I had a different piece of wood that I thought would look great with a tree burnt in. I am happy with this piece because I got texture into the bark and leaves that any other medium could not. This was another fun piece that I thought came out very well. This is a free piece that is not necessarily in any category but I think that it could go somewhere in print-making.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Exploration & Experimenting

In this project, I did not do any introductions or digging deeper. This project was free-balled by yours truly and I am proud of this. I think it was a very interesting medium and I enjoyed doing this project. I am going to continue using this medium in the coming weeks.

Observational Art

For the my second project, I decided to try observational art. I found that this is hard when most of the time we are in a room where we can't be somewhere that would be more ideal for a nice painting. I liked the ideas that I got from Digging Deeper and my warm ups, but I soon wanted to go straight to my final. I drew my hands twice in charcoal. I have concluded that this was a failure. I don't like the outcome. As soon as I finished these drawings, I started something that I was thinking about before I started this project.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Text Art Final Project

     For my text art project, I decided to add to mediums to create a more dynamic product. I used acrylic paint to create an interesting and abstract background and magazine clippings to convey a message. These elements together create a questionable mood with unknown motives. Altogether it is a questionable piece but the background can be seen as water, or a sky, or an erupting volcano all in a monochromatic style that sets a blue mood. If I were top change something about this project I would make it brighter in the middle to show the importance of the middle-man (no pun intended) and do a better job of fading the lights into the darker colors.
    I plan on starting the observational unit. I have not started challenges but have looked through the dig deeper part and will continue that.
    In the next two weeks I plan on making a relatively large piece about one of my favorite things; football.